The Best Szechuan & Shanghai Cuisine in Philadelphia

About Sakura Mandarin

Sakura Mandarin specializes in authentic Szechuan and Shanghai cuisines and Dim Sum, not mentioning that we have one of the best Soup Dumplings in Philly. It also offers Japanese sushi. Always made with fresh ingredients, Sakura Mandarin wants to be your one-stop restaurant for high quality and a wide variety of options of delicious Chinese food! Not only is the Chinese food rich in flavors and spices, the dim sum are also authentic and creative. “The Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Steamed Pork Soup Dumplings or Juicy Buns) are the Best of Breed to my taste in Philly.” Cited by our loyal customers. Sakura Mandarin receives top comments from elite food critics such as Craig Laban and Gerald S.. Come in today and let us serve you! Find out why Sakura Mandarin stands out from the rest of Chinese restaurants!

Meet The Owner

Jack C.

As the founder at Sakura Mandarin, Jack also co-founded popular Dim Sum Garden and Spice 28 restaurants in Philadelphia, which earned great reviews from critics and customers. Graduated from one of IVY league schools, Jack didn’t go to Wall St, but devotes himself into restaurants business with pursuing his passion for food.  After regularly returning to China, Jack works to offer Americans the best food from China. From bringing the authentic and popular soup dumplings in Philly several years ago, Jack and his associates have been promoting native Chinese dim sum and varieties of cuisines from different regions of China.  One of them is Szechuan cuisine that becomes the most popular spicy food in Philly. Still, Jack is low-profile person, but is a food enthusiast and getting the best food with fresh ingredients to the public.